Whiplash Braid Review


“Whiplash” from Berkley has been around for a number of years now, but it’s a braid that never really caught on for various reasons, but a new revamp of the range has made the new “Whiplash” a real top level performer in the braid stakes.

There are three main requirements for any braid used for pike fishing, 1. It must come in suitable breaking strains, (30lbs b/s is the minimum that I will use), 2. It must be of high abrasion resistance, 3. It must withstand shock loads (from repeated casting, this is where a lot of braids fall down)

Well “Whiplash” does all of the above and then some, I used the 30lb Hi Viz version, which is a bit of a misnomer, as I actually found the bright orange colour quite hard to see, certainly harder then the usual green, why this should be I don’t know, maybe it was the very low diameter or maybe I have gammy eyes?

Colours of main line is a often debated subject, in lure fishing it does not matter one iota, in bait fishing, maybe, but it’s a simple fact that the uptrace will stick out more anyway, and if you are that concerned about line visibility, you would have probably not chosen Hi-Viz in the first place.

This braid is very slim in profile for its breaking strain, with the comparable Power Po looking very thick indeed.

I have used this braid for a season now, on my light casting rod, and I haven’t had any undue breakages and it’s certainly stood up to some serious snags on the tidal rivers.

I’ve also spooled it up on my two river zander rods- this is where it excels as the diameter for 30lb is only 0.10 mm, this means it cuts through the water well, and thus the resistance on the line is greatly reduced, allowing you to fish lighter leads – even in flood water conditions that we have experienced nearly all year.

It has a tight braid, and comes with a tough waxy- like surface that doesn’t wear off that quickly, and helps prevent debits catching on the braid and makes it a bit more wiry than most braids, which helps with casting and prevents bedding in on the spool.

All in all this is top quality stuff, at a reasonable price at £30 for a 300 yard spool

10 / 10