Welcome to AndrewBlackFishing.co.uk, this site is primarily dedicated to European Predator fishing, however there will be features on this site to cover other aspects of fishing such as coarse and sea fishing, as well as foreign fishing adventures, so come in and have a look around, if there is anything you would like to see, or gear you would like a review on get in touch and let me know.
The following links are the recent updates to this site.

August 2016 Blog


August isn’t a month that I usually put in much fishing time, but, this year I have been all over the place fishing for various species, but the two that stick out are Shark fishing in Ireland and the WPC… Continue reading

July Blog 2016


There has been a bit of a hiatus of this site for the last couple of months, for two reasons, firstly we have had to switch to another server which caused a slight interruption, and secondly, because I have had… Continue reading

Febuary 2016 Blog


The one thing that you can predict – is that the late winter period can always be unpredictable! Either it’s really cold, really windy, or really wet. This year we have had a bit of each, but lately it has… Continue reading