Welcome to AndrewBlackFishing.co.uk, this site is primarily dedicated to European Predator fishing, however there will be features on this site to cover other aspects of fishing such as coarse and sea fishing, as well as foreign fishing adventures, so come in and have a look around, if there is anything you would like to see, or gear you would like a review on get in touch and let me know.
The following links are the recent updates to this site.

What Braid?

Multi and Braid_01

What mainline to use for pike and predator fishing is always going to be a personal choice, but most anglers will now ultimately go for some form of braided line, simply, as it offers a lot more befits over monofilament… Continue reading

Spring Time Rays

Blond Ray

After my stingray hunt last year, this year I had set myself a goal to catch a few different species Ray, of which there are several that reside in the Bristol channel, the most common are Thornbacks, Blond Rays are… Continue reading

Early Winter Blog


Several People have been chasing me lately for my next blog. Well here it is! True, it’s been a bit late coming! I have been finishing a couple of articles for other publications, so sorry.

It has been a funny… Continue reading