Welcome to AndrewBlackFishing.co.uk, this site is primarily dedicated to European Predator fishing, however there will be features on this site to cover other aspects of fishing such as coarse and sea fishing, as well as foreign fishing adventures, so come in and have a look around, if there is anything you would like to see, or gear you would like a review on get in touch and let me know.
The following links are the recent updates to this site.

Anglers Mail


Don’t forget to get the latest copy of Anglers Mail there are loads of pike tips in there and a hansom chap on the cover! My pages are in there every second week throughout the winter, alternating with exciting articles… Continue reading

Drop-Shotting for Zander

Here is a short video about how I go about drop-shot fishing for zander

Zander Lure Colour

Here is a quick video about what lure colours to choose for zander.