DSC_3382_01Svartzonker! No, it’s not a new swear word, but the name of some new Jerkbait lures that I’ve just received that have been taking waters apart in Europe!

The ones I received were the Mc-Mio – They are a bit like the Fox Mega Mouse, but with an articulated tail – that should give them some good action in the water. They are meant to be suspending, working within the first couple of feet of the water column. They are internally weighted with a ball bearing which also acts as in inbuilt rattle. At 24cm + 6cm tail and 60g they can be cast on light lure rods, but, to get the best out them, I suspect a correct jerkbait set up will be needed.

I’ve not put them through their paces yet, but they look well-built and the finish is superb, and the hooks are sharp – so I’m looking forward to some better weather to start chucking them with a vengeance. 

Also in the range are some large double-bladed spinners and spinnerbaits, which both look very interesting, and come in sensible weights for the big rivers.

They are available through Abu Garcia £TBA