Energizer Hardcase Tactical Head Light – Review


I’ve had a few anglers ask about the strange head torch I use while out on the banks at night, The Energizer Hardcase Tactical head light hasn’t been designed especially for anglers at all, it is in fact a helmet light used by the Armed Forces.
The torch has several settings, some are not needed for the angler such as infra- red, but the main light is a very bright high intensity LED, and the secondary light is either a red or a blue.
I prefer the red LED for most occasions and very rarely use the white one. Both lights have three settings of brightness, this is selected by pressing the buttons on the side of the torch. These are easy to find and ergonomic to use.
It runs on a single 1AA battery which lasts a long time if you don’t have it on full beam all the time, I have had the same battery in mine since last season, but, then again, I usually only use the full beam on very rare occasions.
It is also fully waterproof, I have used it in some torrential conditions and never had a problem with it.
What I really like about the setup, is with the headband attachment the light sits on the side of your head, not smack in the middle like most head lights available. What this means in practice is that it is a lot more comfortable, and you can wear peaked hats without the problem of shadow cast.
It has a full 360 degree rotation, which is useful to get the right angle you need, and it clicks to these angles and holds in place, even if you are running- not that many of you will be, but it means that the light is usable in other bumpy conditions such as fast speedboat use, where other headlights can flop all over the place.
The unit also comes with other attachments most of which aren’t of much use to the angler, such as helmet clip and Molle attachments, but it does come with a clip attachment if you want to fix it to things such as bank sticks or your bivvy.
They are reassuringly expensive at £84.99 but they are by far the best and lightest head torch I have used, by a mile.