Trailer Updates – Part 2

Trailer Updates 2

If you were to list the all the things that take up valuable fishing time when you want to get your boat afloat, boat strapping would probably be quite low on the list, certainly time- wise. However… Continue reading

Berkley Pulse Shad – Review

Pulse Shad

One of the things I look for each season is a new type of lure. Contrary to popular belief Pike wise up to lures, and they wise up quickly – even quicker if lots of anglers are chucking the same… Continue reading

… A Perch in a Pear Tree

Perch 1_01

Sorry for the bad joke its actually time for the Christmas 2017 blog!

Perch are a species that you don’t really associate with Christmas time and cold weather. I think this is because there are very few anglers that target… Continue reading