ABU Revo MGX Reel – Review


Low Profile multipliers are quite common these days, with seemingly every tackle manufacturer making one. However, as with all things, I have always found it best to stick to what you know, and since I first started pike fishing I have always used Abu multipliers in various guises. Abu have made multipliers since year dot so they should know what they are doing, and with their latest innovations they have really upped the game when it comes to low profile lure casting multipliers, though the price tag has gone up as well!

Previously my go- to reels were the Abu STX series, and I have had various reels in this series over the last few years, in fact I would say that the latest STX is one of the best value multiplier reels out there. They retail at £159 and they do everything you need of them. However, last year I was given a couple of the new MGX Revos. Now these retail at a whopping £219, which does seem quite a lot if it’s going on a pike rod and kicked round in the bottom of the boat, but I can honestly say I have fallen in love with them!

The additional benefits over the standard STX is that they are more compact and lightweight and have a better braking system. The lightweight frame is made of carbon and alloy, there are holes drilled in it to further reduce the weight, and the handle is pure carbon fibre. I can understand the need for lightness -when for example you are vertical fishing with super lightweight rods, but for pike fishing, casting bigger lures, there really isn’t much need, other than it looks all Gucci.

The braking system is top notch and is a combination of magnetic and centrifugal brakes and is claimed to be infinitely variable Though it has 28 positions of adjustment, really once you have set it up for your casting weight and style you only need to move it a couple of clicks to adjust for windage and such.

This is where the reel really stands out, so far I haven’t had a single over- run on this reel! Which is crazy! I did a rough count on how many casts I do per day when casting from a boat, and it was around the 320 mark. So I can say, “hand on heart” that I have made literally thousands of casts with these reels with no problems so far.


The drag, like on all Abu reels, is fantastic even when screwed up tight for heavy braid fishing. I’ve used them with 50lb braid for piking and 8lb braid for dropshotting and the clutch is fine at either of these extremes, I’ve not tried them for full on 100lb braid and jerkbaiting, but I would suggest you would need a bigger reel for that anyway.

The line lay is impeccable as you would expect for such an expensive reel. One of the things I liked was the chucky handles, which at first looked out of place, but they are instantly comfortable and feel “just right” when cranking them.

So will they replace my STX? Well they already have and I’ve got one on each of my rods!  The only compromise is that I have got some reel covers for them so hopefully they stay nice looking, and not all scratched up like all my other reals.